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What is the difference between $15 TV Wall Mounts and $85 Mounts?

“They are all made of steel frames, in the same brand, has similar functions, how can the price be so different?”

“There are over 20 pieces of TV wall mounts on your website suits my 49’’ Samsung TV screen. How can I make a choice? What is the difference?”

“What is the difference between $15 TV Wall Mounts and $85 Mounts?”

Above are some questions frequently asked by our customers.

In this blog, we will answer these questions. To make the answers clear, let’s pick 2 products from Mounting Dream to make the comparison. Mounting Dream MD2361-K ($16.99) v.s. Mounting Dream MD2198($87.99). Below is a brief specification.


Model No.

Mounting Dream MD2361-K 

Mounting Dream MD2198






Min: 75x75mm


Min: 200x200mm

Compatible TV Size




100 lbs

100 lbs





 1. Mount Type 

MD2361-K is a fixed (also named “low profile”) wall mount while MD2198 is a full-motion one. 

What is the difference? A low profile TV wall mount helps to fix your TV on the wall and that’s all. A full-motion TV mount not only fixes it but also enables the TV to tilt, turn and extend. 

Generally, a fixed TV wall mount is budget-friendly. The price can be as low as $12, which is a nice choice for hosts whose key requirement is to hang up the TV and saves spaces. An "upgraded" fixed mount is a tilt TV wall mount. It enables your TV to tilt but not to turn or extend. A full-motion TV wall mount is the most popular & powerful, which offers the best home cinema experience. It will help the TV always face you. 

And of course, full-motion TV wall mounts require advanced precision instruments and testing equipment. A full-motion tv wall mount consists of 4 parts - wall plate, brackets, articulating arm and TV plate. To produce a full-motion TV mount, the engineer has to make sure every section corporates well, especially the arm, make sure it extends & turns smoothly, in the meantime has a strong bearing capacity. Taking Mounting Dream MD2198 as an example, its arms are manufactured with precise automated robot welding technology for smooth and stable movements.

2. TV Screen Size

This point is fairly simple. A larger screen requires a bigger & stronger TV mount. The fixed TV mount Mounting Dream MD2361-K fits 32-55 inches TV screens and Mounting Dream MD2198 designs for TV screens in 42-70 inches.

One of the customers used to ask, “does the bearing capacity influences the price?” The answer is “not really”. Except for some of the mini TV mounts, such as brackets for RVs, the rests usually have a capacity over 60 lbs. The samples we are talking about in the blog, Mounting Dream MD2361-K and Mounting Dream MD2198, they both have 100 lbs loading capacity. 

3. Accessories

    If you found a TV wall mount has an unbelievable low price, maybe you have to double-check if all necessary tools are included. Usually, a TV mount pack includes all hardware, bubble levels, HDMI cables and mounting templates. Some of the top TV brackets have an advanced design for organizing the cables, which requires a higher budget.

    4.  Safety Test

    Picture - UL certification hanging in front of our Factory’s Test Labor

    In the US, UL is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an audited designator. To meet the standards, the TV mount has to get through the standard 2442 via a series of tests.

    For example, one of the tests is the TV mount has to reach 4 times of its loading ability. This test should be done on both concrete walls and wood studs. One more example, the arms will be retracted over 6000 times to make sure it achieves the ideal service life.

    #5 Shipment

    Last but not least is the shipment. Most of the TV wall mount might be designed by different teams all around the world, but most of their production lines are located in Asia. The wall mounts you purchased on Amazon, Walmart and the local stores, are all likely to be imported from far continents. TV wall mounts are honestly heavy, the average weight is around 8 pounds, while most full-motion ones are even heavier than 15 pounds. Worldwide shipping costs. Thanks to our advanced supply chain, Mounting dream offers standard free shipping (2-6 business days) in the U.S., whatever the weight is.

    To conclude, there are 5 key factors in charge of the price: Wall mount type, your TV screen size, accessories included, safety (UL certification) and shipping (weight) costs. If you still have questions about choosing the best TV mount, here is a blog that can help: A Complete TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

    Hope the blog answers some of your questions as you raised in the beginning. How do you like this blog? Share your opinion with us!


    28 May 2020 Howie Glassman

    Hello there,

    I’ve got a 10 year old Samsung 50 inch C590 Series Plasma (uses Vesa 400 × 400 with M8 screws required for mounting). It weighs 75 pounds. Wood stud installation is no problem. After doing initial research, it seems that your model HM2296-1 be a very flexible (tilt and swivel features and easy to adjust tool-free handle for adjusting viewing angels) and suitable for my installation. This one MD2296-24K looks to have basically the same features. Please advise. Thank you

    19 Mar 2020 David
    Looking for a full motion for my Samsung q50r what would you recommend

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