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DIY Surge During Covid-19 - Manufacturers Take Note!

Why manufacturers should focus on DIY-friendly features during Covid-19 and empower their customers. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us a lot. From the resilience of mankind, to the need to adapt and use technology to overcome hurdles in business. For manufacturers like us, international travel restrictions caused chaos in the first quarter of 2020,...
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Large TV-Mount Purchases Jump Almost 50% So Far in 2020

As one of the top sellers of TV mount, Mounting Dream works with thousands of customers on a monthly basis, and our annual sales report indicates that consumers are thinking big and buying big when it comes to television. At the end of 2019, Consumer Reports published an article forecasting a change in the...
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Mounting Dream is Invited to Amazon Cross Border Summit Event

Theme of this years is "A World Without Boundaries". Mounting Dream is invited as one of the “highly praised brands by customer” on Amazon.  Mounting Dream is invited to join in Amazon Cross Border Summit Event in Shanghai, on December 11th. The theme of this years is "A World Without Boundaries". Many of the...
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