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Large TV-Mount Purchases Jump Almost 50% So Far in 2020

As one of the top sellers of TV mount, Mounting Dream works with thousands of customers on a monthly basis, and our annual sales report indicates that consumers are thinking big and buying big when it comes to television.

At the end of 2019, Consumer Reports published an article forecasting a change in the way customers were going to buy TVs in 2020: there were going to be larger TVs across the country and prices went down for large-size models.[1] But you may be surprised by just how accurate this forecast appears to be.

In Mounting Dream’s 2019 annual sales report, 26.77% of our customers purchased a big-sized TV mount through our US-based Amazon site. In the first six months of 2020, over 40% of our customers have purchased big-sized TV mounts. This represents an increase of over 50% over last year.

Mounting Dream Manager Oliver commented that the information should not come as a shock. Consumers tend to purchase bigger TV for their living room, in order to enjoy a better share viewing experience.  Commenting on what Mounting Dream focuses on when manufacturing its mounts, Oliver said, our team researches the market before making decisions. Mounting Dream frequently incorporates customer feedback when we design new products.

For more information about Mounting Dream, or to place your order today, visit or email me at

[1] James K. Willcox, “TV Trends to Watch for in 2020,” Consumer Reports, December 26, 2019,

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