Why TV mount

TV Mounts vs. TV Stands: Which is better?

Do you remember what televisions used to look like? Back in the day, they were basically giant pieces of furniture that you had to focus your entire living room around. TVs used to be so big that they were the center of attention and the bigger your TV was, the more impressive your home...
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TV Tip Overs Still a Big Problem - Ways to Prevent From It

A fact according to Consumer Report (America) - On average, one child dies every two weeks because a TV or furniture fell onto him or her. Between 2000 and 2017, more than 340 people were killed by a television tipping over, about 3/4 of them are younger than 6. If we check recent data,...
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What is the Best Way to Accommodate TV Screens?

A TV is not only an electronic appliance but also a get-together time entertainment set for families. To set the TV in the right place, where offers the best home theater experience at the same time keeps the space amenity, is always a challenge. There are a few ways that we can settle the...
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