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TV Mounts vs. TV Stands: Which is better?

Do you remember what televisions used to look like? Back in the day, they were basically giant pieces of furniture that you had to focus your entire living room around. TVs used to be so big that they were the center of attention and the bigger your TV was, the more impressive your home theater was.

You have to admit though – those big, boxy TVs were quite the eyesore.

Thankfully, these days TVs are made to be incredibly thin and lightweight, so you have many more options when it comes to deciding the functionality of your living spaces – especially if you choose to hang your TV up with a wall mount.

If you’re still debating on whether to get a TV mount or stand, consider these 7 benefits of a mounted TV:

  1. You can hang your TV anywhere

TV stands can be tricky because there’s not always the perfect place to put them. Depending on your home, you might have to block a window or put the TV at an awkward angle. With TV mounts, you don’t have to worry about any of that!

Most people do choose to hang their TV about a fireplace or mantle, but as long as you have a wall and an outlet, you can mount your TV on any wall – even in the bathroom!

  1. Space-saver

One less piece of furniture in your living space means that much more room for you and your family to move around! In a world where tiny homes and minimalistic styles are all the rage, people are always looking for ways to save space in their home. A TV mount can help you do exactly that.

You don’t need to have a small space to reap the benefits of a TV wall mount. Even large spaces are enhanced by the lack of a bulky TV stand – the TV becomes a cohesive part of the room rather than a central focus. This way, there is more room for entertaining and gathering!

  1. Open concept, anyone?

If you haven’t watched anyone the hundreds of home renovation shows that are all the rage these days, let us sum them up for you in two words: open concept.

Interior design is all about big rooms that flow into one another for the purpose of making a home feel bigger and allowing for plenty of room to gather and entertain. With the right open concept and well-placed TV mount, you can watch the living room TV in the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner!

  1. Safety first!

Hanging up your TV with a TV mount gets loose wires up and off the ground. If you have any little ones running or crawling around, it’s important to eliminate as many hazards as possible! When properly installed, Mounting Dream TV wall mounts are completely secure and there is virtually no risk of the TV falling over. If a TV is left free-standing on a TV stand, it could easily be knocked over by a rambunctious kid or adult.

  1. More display spaces

Once you’ve got your TV mounted on the wall, you have so much more room to display the things that you love. You might even want to show off a new piece of furniture! Or, you can recycle your old entertainment system and turn it into a display case for all your favorite things – plants, decorations, photos, etc.

  1. View from many angles

Have you ever been watching TV and as the sun starts to set, the glare starts to disrupt your view? Or maybe you’ve sat in a certain part of the living room where you could see the TV better if it was just tilted 2-inches to the right.

With a full-range TV wall mount, you can adjust the height and angle that your TV is at so you can see perfectly no matter the time of day or position in the room! This feature is especially great if you have kids in the house and decide to mount your TV. Even though the TV is high on the wall, you can pull it out and angle it down so the littlest ones can watch their favorite cartoons.

  1. Save money

Even the larges and highest-quality Mounting Dream TV wall mounts are less expensive than a new piece of furniture for your TV. Choosing to hang your TV on the wall will save you’re a significant amount in home improvement costs and save you the trouble of having to find an extra piece of furniture that matches the rest of your décor.

Ready to enjoy all the benefits that mounting your TV on the wall has to offer? Get your TV wall mount from Mounting Dream today!

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