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Top 5 TV Wall Mounts Listing in Annual Report

2019 has passed, you must have lots of best memories in the whole year. So does Mounting Dream. In 2019, there are over 1 million (the certain amount is 1,078,770 pieces) of Mounting Dream TV mounts goes to their new homes in America, hanging TVs on the wall and doing a perfect job. People share pictures, leave comments on Amazon, @Mounting Dream on Facebook and mentioned us thousands of times on Instagram - For us, these are tons of best memories made in 2019.

In this blog, Mounting Dream is going to introduce the top 5 TV mounts, which is seriously according to the Annual Sales Data & Customer Review. If you are looking for a TV mount to hold your new TV in 2020, this is the ideal blog to help you make a choice.

TOP 1. Mounting Dream MD2268-LK

“Had television mounted in under half an hour. Easy install, plenty of hardware for nearly any television.”

“This bracket worked very well for our 65” television that was mounted over a fireplace. It was inexpensive compared to many others, very easy for our son to install, and works great!”

Price:  $ 27.99 with free shipping

Review score: 4.7 

This is the Annual Bestseller. On Amazon every 3 minutes, an MD 2268-LK goes to an American family. It is a tilt TV wall mount that owns the design patent, got through UL test and in the meantime, holds an inexpensive price. It is a model that works perfectly for most 42-70 inch TVs.

Official Website US Link ($26.99 now)

Amazon US Link

Amazon EU: Search "Mounting Dream MD2268-lk" in your local Amazon

TOP 2. Mounting Dream MD2380


“I bought this back in 11/2017 and now it is 12/2019, it still rotates and moves as if it just came out of the box. My Samsung 55" TV is heavy and it still rotates and comes out/pushes in with super ease!.”

“Really satisfied with this wall mount. It was my first time putting one up and it was super easy and it holds my 65 inch tv well.”

Price: $39.99 with free shipping

Review score: 4.8

It is an affordable, high-rated, full-motion TV wall mount. The Mounting Dream MD2380 holds both a design patent and an invention patent. It loads up to 99 lbs and fits most 32-55 inch TVs. 

Official Website US Link ($36.99 now)

Amazon US Link

Amazon EU: Search "Mounting Dream MD2380" in your local Amazon

How powerful MD2380 is? Find the video show here:

How to mount MD2380? Find the video guidance here:

TOP 3. Mounting Dream MD2413-MX


“The assembly was very simple. Insulation overall is very easy to handle.”

“If I could rate this TV mount 6 stars, I would! I never had a tv mount before since it seemed like it would be a big hassle to make holes in the wall and I never quite trusted my tv hanging on a mount.”

Price: $29.99 with free shipping

Review score: 4.8

It is obvious that the main difference between this one and the previous models is, this is a single-armed one. What is the benefit? The single-armed TV bracket can be mounted on a single wood stud, which is super easy to handle. 

Official Website US Link ($27.99 now)

Amazon US Link

Amazon EU: Search "Mounting Dream MD2413-MX" in your local Amazon

TOP 4. MD2198

"As a professional tv installer in CT NY NJ this a solid bracket and installs relatively easily. I have no doubt any size you put on here will work as long as secure to studs or masonry." Via TV Installation Team in New York @lcdplasmainstallations

Price: $99.99 with free shipping

Review score: 4.8

The slide-centring design holds its patent. Thanks to the design, people can easily centre the TV wherever the wood studs are. It is a great piece for large screens, especially when people consider to hang their TV above the fireplace. Moreover, its arms are manufactured with precise automated robot welding technology for smooth and stable movements.

Official Website US Link ($81.99 now)

Amazon US Link

Amazon EU: Search "Mounting Dream MD2198" in your local Amazon

TOP 5. Mounting Dream MD5420

"Excellent design, excellent quality, really easy to install, lots of extra parts. Impossible to go wrong with this product."

"After my first purchase to install my soundbar directly below my mounted TV, I was completely IMPRESSED. I couldn't believe the amount of different kinds of bolts, washers, etc. that came with this to mount to your TV and to mount to your speaker."

Price: $21.99 with free shipping

This is a soundbar mount, which stands in the top 3 among Speaker Mounts on Amazon. You can easily mount it at the bottom/top of your TV screen. It fits most of the soundbars up to 22 lbs and allows 180 degrees swivel for more mounting flexibility.

Official Website US Link (Only $19.99 now)

Amazon US Link

Amazon EU: Search "Mounting Dream MD5420" in your local Amazon

How to mount MD5420? Find the video guidance here:


*All the photos in this blog are contributed by our customers.


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