Full Motion TV Mount for 32"-55" TVs with Swivel, Tilting, Leveling MD2380

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Best Viewing Angles

Swivel your TV to left or right, now you can share the living room TV in the kitchen and enjoy your favorite show while cooking.


Tilt your TV up or forward to reduce glare,spend quality time with your baby in his best viewing angle.


Protect your baby and TV!

Hang your TV up with this strong and powerful TV wall bracket and now your baby could play in the living room without worrying hurt from falling down TV.


Space Saving

Mount your TV up, and then free your TV console cabinet for books, toys or whatever you want.

Alive You TV, Save You from Messy

This articulating TV mount allows you to pull your TV out to clean and then retract it back saving space!.

And it saves from messy wires when you tie the arm of this mount with the cord rope we provide.


3-Step Easy Installation

1 Install wall plate.
2 Attach brackets to TV back.
3 Hang TV onto wall plate.

Important! Will this munt work with your TV?

please check the following lists to ensure this mount works with yout TV before make decision

1. What is your wall made of


Concrete wall: Works perfectly

Wood studs spacing: 8/16”

2. Your TV VESA hole pattern


Max VESA: 400x400mm/16x16

Min VESA: 100x100mm/4x4

3. The specs of your TV


TV weight: under 99 lbs

The size of TV: 26-55”

4. Potential input block


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User Manual 

SKU Collection VESA Hole TV Size Loadiability
MD2380 Full Motion Max:400x400mm
Min: 75x75mm
26-55" 99lbs
MD2377 Full Motion Single Arm Max:400x400mm
Min: 75x75mm
26-55" 60lbs
MD2413-MX Full Motion Single Arm Max:400x400mm
Min: 100x100mm
26-55" 60lbs
MD2296 Full Motion Max:600x400mm
Min: 200x100mm
42-70" 100lbs
MD2198 Full Motion Max:600x400mm
Min: 200x200mm
42-70" 100lbs
MD2462 Full Motion Single Arm Max:200x200mm
Min: 50x50mm
17-39" 33lbs
MD2379 Full Motion Max:400x400mm
Min: 75x75mm
26-55" 99lbs
MD2163-K Low Profile Max:600x400mm
Min: 200x100mm
42-70" 132lbs
MD2298 Full Motion Max:600x400mm
Min: 200x200mm
42-75" 132lbs
MD2501 Corner Mount Max:400x400mm
Min: 75x75mm
26-55" 99lbs
MD2268-LK Tilt Max:600x400mm
Min: 200x100mm
37-70" 132lbs
MD2361-K Low Profile Max:400x400mm
Min: 75x75mm
32-55" 100lbs
MD2268-MK Tilt Max:400x400mm
Min: 75x75mm
26-55" 88lbs
MD2210 Trailer Mount Max:200x200mm
Min: 100x100mm
17-39" 44lbs
MD2296-24 Full Motion Max:600x400mm
Min: 200x100mm
42-70" 100lbs
MD5402 Speaker Stands / / 11lbs
MD5420 Soundbar Bracket / / 22lbs
MD5421 Soundbar Bracket / / 22lbs
MD5109-KD Table Top TV Stands Mount Max:600x400mm
Min: 200x100mm
42-60 99lbs
MD2413-S Full Motion Single Arm Max:200x200mm
Min: 100x100mm
17-39" 60lbs

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Full Motion TV Mount for 32"-55" TVs with Swivel, Tilting, Leveling MD2380
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