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Best Height To Hang Your TV | Mounting Dream

Best Height To Hang Your TV

If you want to maximize your space at home and mount a TV to the wall, you’ll need to figure out the best height to hang your TV. The position, height and angle are all important if you want to mount a TV correctly. Since this simple task involves drilling holes in your wall, you’ll want to get this right the first time, rather than need to fill in holes as you go! To take the hard work and frustration out of mounting your TV to the wall, we’ve put together a simple guide. So, make yourself a coffee and let’s do this!

Types Of Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts

First of all, you’ll need to choose the right TV mount for your needs and room. At Mounting Dream, we have a wide range of TV wall mounts to choose from.

Here are a couple of our best-selling designs that you might want to consider:

Full motion TV wall mount: A full motion TV mount is the most popular design at the moment. This model gives you a cinema room feel even in a bedroom. You’ll have the power to rotate and tilt the screen so that you always get the best viewing position possible.

Tilt & Fixed TV wall mount: A great space-saving solution and ideal if you want to mount a TV over a fireplace.

RV TV wall mount: This is the best option if you want to upgrade a campervan, boat, trailer or motorhome with a TV on the wall.

Once you’ve chosen the right Mounting Dream TV wall mount for you, it’s time to move on to hanging your TV.

Ideal Height To Hang TV

Now, this is when things can often go wrong. You need to take your time and figure out the best height to hang your TV on the wall, before picking up the power tools. Spending time checking the height, angles and viewing distance before mounting your TV to the wall, is going to prevent unnecessary mistakes, and save you a lot of time and frustration.

Calculate the Best Height To Hang Your TV

You’ll need to consider three things. The size of your TV, the distance between the TV and where you plan to relax and watch it, and your eye level. The eye-level can be tricky as it can change depending on the viewer and what you’re doing, but we’ll get to that soon!

TV Size

Knowing the size of your TV screen will help you to first, choose the right TV mount but also help you to calculate the right height to hang your TV on the wall. You’ll need to measure from the floor, to the center of the TV. People often forget this and end up measuring from the floor to the top of their TV, and are puzzled when they mount a TV too high.

Viewing Distance

Next, we need to consider viewing distance. What is going to be a comfortable position to watch TV? If you hang your TV on the wall and it’s too far away, you’re going to struggle to see. Mounting a TV too close to your sofa or bed might cause eye strain and headaches. To calculate the best viewing position, you’ll need to use this simple calculation.

TV size divided by 0.55 = ideal viewing position

So, if your TV screen is 38 inches, the best viewing position would be a distance of 69 inches away.

Get Your Angles Right

Last but not least, is eye level. Many people who mount their TV to the wall, forget to sit down and check their eye level, before drilling holes in the wall. Once you’ve marked out the height and distance, sit down on your sofa or bed and take a couple of minutes to consider the viewing position. Will you be able to watch TV comfortably?

To calculate the best viewing angle for a TV on the wall, measure the distance from the floor to your eyes to find out how high you are while relaxing. From this height, imagine drawing a line from your eyes to the middle of the TV screen. This angle should be around 30 degrees.

Note: Do not make the mistake of measuring this angle while sitting on a sofa upright. As you recline into the seat, you’re going to move and this can completely throw off your calculations. So get comfortable, and pretend you’re watching a movie at night. Now, use this position to measure your eye level.

The good news if that Mounting Dream offer full motion and adjustable TV wall mounts, so if you do need to change your viewing angle, you can and without having to reposition your wall mount bracket. Feel free to browse our online collection of TV wall mounts today.

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