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Local Pick up for Los Angeles

One of our warehouse is located in La Puente, CA 91746. Local pick up is available in this area, get good price at the discounted price with following codes!  We also offer local delivery if the quantities excess 100 units per order. 


Mounting Dream TV wall mount local pick up

Fast Installation Mount  for 26-55" TVs-16" Wide  was $19.99



Best Seller Swivel Mount for 26-55" TVs-16" wide  was $39.99



Best Seller Swivel Bracket for  42-70" TVs-16" Wall  was $59.99



24" wide Fixed Wall Mount for 42-70" TVs  was $23.99



Best Seller Hanger for Hotel Projects -24" Wall  was $49.99



Center Single Arm Mount for 26-55" TVs-was $27.99



Middle Size Tilt  TV Bracket for 26-55" TVs-16" Wide  was $19.99



Strongest Swivel Mount for 42-75" TVs-24" Wide  was $89.99



One Piece Tilt Mount  for 42-70" TVs-24" Wide  was $29.99



Flexible Two Arms Swivel Bracket for 26-55" TVs  was $35.99



Best Seller Tilt Mount for 26-55" TVs-24" Wide  was $27.99



Center Singel Arm  Swivel Mount for-26-55" TVs  was $29.99



Sliding Center Swivel  Bracket for 37-70" TVs 24" Wide  was $99.99



Strong Swivel Mount for 37-70" TVs 24" Wide  was $65.99



Universal Soundbar Brackets

was $19.99



Large  One Piece Tilt  Mount for 42-85" TVs  32" Wide  was $39.99

How to get this privilege?

Step1. Check which item you want in this page, you can click or copy the button "Localpick***"to the product page, then add the item to your cart, start checkout. The code will automatically applied, but if the code does not auto applied, please apply the code you copied!

Step2. We will contact you via Email or phone call and let you know when items are ready for pick up in 1 business day after we receive your order successfully! ( our business hour is Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm)

Note: If there are multiple models/SKUs in your order, please contact us for exclusive discount code with the model numbers and quantities.

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