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The Benefits of Using a TV Stand with Mount for Your Entertainment Center

Your home entertainment center should be sleek, modern, and attractive. For many people, this means mounting their TV on the wall – but this is not possible for everyone. For those who live in homes with walls they just don’t want to put holes in, a TV stand with mount is absolutely the best option.

Most of the TV stand with mount supports televisions that are 42-60” and can hold up to 99 pounds. It perfectly balances on any flat surface and its sleek design is sure to mesh well in any setting from your living room entertainment center, to the bedroom, outdoor patio, home theater, and beyond.

“No need to drill holes on the wall” is not the only benefits to use a TV stand. Here are all the benefits to having a TV stand with mount for your entertainment center:

Easy to Install

There are too many home entertainment products on the market that are difficult and time consuming to install. When you buy a product, you don’t want to have to spend hours putting it together or have to call someone for help installing it – you want to start using and enjoying it right away!

A TV stand with mount is incredibly easy to install; it takes only a few simple steps and about 30-minutes to set up. Once you’re finished, all you have to do is call your friends and tell them everyone is watching the next game at your house!

how to install a TV stand
Photo via Mounting Dream


Keeps Cables Neat

There’s nothing worse than having a sleek-looking entertainment center, only to have hanging cables ruin the aesthetic. A TV stand with mount helps you to manage cabled by keeping them tucked within the mount and away from view.

When cables are tucked away, it not only helps to keep things looking neat, but it also makes your home safer. Rogue wires put people at risk of tripping over them and can be incredibly dangerous or life threatening for small children and animals. A TV stand with mount ensures your home is functioning at an optimal level.

Modern Design

Utilizing a TV stand with mount helps to keep your home up to date with current trends. When your TV is seemingly floating above your entertainment center, it fits right in with the sleek and modern décor that is so heavily sought after these days and your guests are sure to be impressed.

Another impressive and modern feature of a TV stand with mount is the swivel feature that many have. When you simply place your TV on a flat surface, it can only be viewed from a single angle. This can limit viewing capacity or make for an uncomfortable viewing experience. With a TV stand with mount, the swivel allows the entire television to tilt for an optimal viewing experience.

tv stand with swivel mount

 Photo via Mounting Dream

The Mounting Dream TV Stand with Mount

If you’re looking for the perfect TV stand with mount that has all of the above features and more, look no further than the Mounting Dream TV Stand with Mount.

Exceptional Safety Features

One of the greatest features of the Mounting Dream TV Stand with Mount is the top-of-the-line safety features. You never have to worry about your television falling off of the Mounting Dream TV Stand because it was built to withstand weight up 99 pounds! In addition, the TV stand with mount comes with an anti-tip strap to prevent the television from falling over and harming small children and animals.


 Photo via Mounting Dream

Adjustable Viewing Height

Not only does the Mounting Dream TV Stand with Mount swivel left to right, but it is also height adjustable. This makes it so your television set up will fit within the confines of any entertainment center or adjust to the height preference for any member of the family. Your family can watch TV from a more comfortable position. Moreover, the base of Mounting Dream TV stand is made of tempered glass, which adds a stylish & modern vibe to your room.

tv stand with height adjustment

Photo via Mounting Dream

Quick and Easy Installation

The Mounting Dream TV Stand with Mount comes with everything you need to put the stand together and attach your television to it. The instructions are very easy to understand so you can put the entire TV stand with mount together in almost no time at all! If you prefer to watch a video as guidance, Mounting Dream prepared a detailed installation video on their YouTube Channel.

If you’re ready to take your home entertainment center to the next level and impress your friends and family, it’s time to buy a TV stand with mount! Mounting Dream has the perfect option that fits most televisions and all styles. Don’t wait, get yours today! If you have any questions about our TV stand or whether your device will work with this item, contact our professional customer service team!

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