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Top 5 Black Friday TV Mounts Deals - Meet Both your Bill and Will

Many of us wait the whole year round for getting the best deal during Black Friday and Christmas. So does the retailers do give crazy discounts during this period. And indeed, Mounting Dream got the bargains ready! It is 2-week ahead Black Friday, and Mounting Dream can not wait to pamper our customers before it truly arrives!  

In this blog, we carefully picked 5 pieces of star products and gives the best bargain. All the following recommendations & deals starting from today until 31 Nov. at If you were looking for a bracket for your TV or thinking of creating a new look to your living room, here is the chance. 

Picture. Mounting Dream MD2361-K

Top 1. Mounting Dream MD2361-K 

 Suppose you decided to hang the TV in an extremely low budget, MD2361-K will be a wonderful choice. It helps to fix TV to the wall without a hassle. The total cost will be the same with a piece of grilled sirloin in O’Charley!

 A low price doesn’t equal a poor universality. As the star product in our basic series, its performance is excellent:

  • loads up to 100lbs 
  • fits VESA up to 400x400mm
  • suits most of the TV brands including SONY, SAMSUNG, VIZIO, LG, Hisense, TCL and more 

Moreover, even if MD2361-K is not able to make the TV tilt, turn or extend, the benefit is obvious - it is super easy to install. In one word, put MD2361-k in the cart if you want to hang a TV on the wall in simple steps!

How to mount MD2361-k? Find the video guidance here:


Picture. Mounting Dream MD2268-LK

Top 2. Mounting Dream MD2268-LK 

It is the hottest (not “one of”) Mounting Dream product in 2019 - Every 3 minutes an MD2268-LK sold on Amazon US site - It ranks #1 out of all Electronic Mounts on Amazon!

MD2268-LK is an outstanding model thanks to its patented, strong structure, it is:

  • capable for TV screens from 37-70 Inches 
  • fits 16", 18", 24" wood studs 
  • loading capacity is 132 lbs 

The bracket enables your TV to tilt up and down, therefore, it meets the need in homes, hotels, schools and offices. It is friendly to most TV brands. “Wall mounts for Samsung TV's are a little more challenging because many do not come with compatible bolts. This mount does come with bolts compatible for a series of different manufacturers including Samsung and the 8000 Series 65in 2018 model. That saved me a trip to the local hardware store!” said one of our customers in America.

Normally it costs around $35 including the delivery. During the sales season, Mounting Dream Online offers $6.99 discount - Get it at a total price of MD2268-lk $28.80 with free shipping!

How to mount MD2268-LK? Find the video guidance here:


Picture. Mounting Dream MD2209

 Top 3. Mounting Dream MD2209   

MD2209 is a compact TV mount designed for RVs. It has been voted one of the best by RiverCamp USA, Articlebelt, RVexpertise and well-known among compers regarding the following advantages:

  • compatible with most 10-26 inch TVs and supports up to 22lbs.
  • can be adjusted into any angle or position
  • the simple locking mechanism ensures your device’s safety

It works perfectly in campers, marines, boats, RVs, and other motorhomes. Same with all other units of Mounting Dream, this MD2209 bracket comes with complete instructions and installation hardware. For people who need a compact wall mount for their micro camper, this one will definitely fit the will & bill.

How to mount MD2209? Find the video guidance here:


Picture. Mounting Dream MD5420

Top 4. Mounting Dream MD5420 

Got a soundbar, but don’t quite know where to put it in your home? How about wall-mount it at the bottom/top of your TV screen? Try Mounting Dream MD5420, which is the king(ranks #1) among Speaker Mounts on Amazon.  

  • fits most of the soundbars up to 22 lbs
  • with detachable long and short extension plates for different soundbars in length
  • allows 180 degrees swivel for more mounting flexibility
  • super easy to install

The MD5420 pack comes with decent instruction and all included hardware in pre-labelled bags. Also, customer service is always online to help with any setup questions.

How to mount MD5420? Find the video guidance here:


Picture. Mounting Dream MD2380

Top 5. Mounting Dream MD2380 

Even if it has already been so famous in the market, I can not stop to mention Mounting Dream MD2380 once again. Not only our customers but also our business partners love this supermodel. 

Mounting Dream MD2380 worths all of the praise thanks to its tons of advantages. Different from all the above units we mentioned, this bracket is a full-motion one. It enables your device to tilt, turn and extend.

  • for most 32-55 inch flat screen
  • loads up to 99lbs 
  • fits VESA up to 400x400mm
  • fits 16" wood studs 

Thanks to the versatile articulating panel, this TV bracket professionally put your TV exactly where you want it. Get the viewing angle right whether you tilt the TV down or aim it to the left or right for the best view. In one word, credit to one of the comments from our customer, “MD2380 is just what you want if you're looking to wall mount your big screen TV.”

How powerful MD2380 is? Find the video show here:

How to mount MD2380? Find the video guidance here:


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